Rafi was a successful young CEO who wanted to achieve the ambitious goal of accelerated growth within five years. He built a strategy with the help of our team's "Plan for Tomorrow" and got stuck on a significant obstacle: he needed to recruit a sales associate, or even two.

At one of the NGOs I am a member of, there is a mentoring program. The graduates mentor younger peers. The mentoring last for six months, for a few dozen participants. The mentoring is voluntarily, and each year we have more mentors than we require. The organization has other social activities, involving young adults who live in Israel's periphery, and we don't lack volunteers.


Beware Cyber Fraud

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Yossi called me, introducing himself as an investigator of cybercrime. He asked me if I'd been the victim of cybercrime in the past year.

Organizational development consultant and Human Resources manager.

I have experience of over seventeen years in various organizations, including Haifa Chemicals, Gaon Holdings Group, and Hogla-Kimberly.

I work with large organizations and start-up companies on organizational development, HR management, and creating an HR strategy (from characterization to implementation). I specialize in managerial development, process management, and consultation to CEOs, senior management and employees of all levels.

I have a BA in Social Sciences, and an MA in Systematic Organizational Development from Haifa University. 

I’m the founder and owner of HR Projects, a company specializing in consultations recruitment, head hunting and ODT solutions.

While bike riding with a group of friends, A. and H. began a heated argument. As I got closer to them I heard it was about a bike riding event that took place many years ago, and they each had a different memory of. Each was convinced their memory was more accurate, and as often happens in such cases, they only listened to each other in order to quickly contradict each other. This wasn’t a dialogue, but two monologues.

Every year, CofaceBDI and The Marker magazine conduct a survey, on the topic "the 100 best companies to work at in Israel". The survey had about 150 thousand participants, and also uses internal surveys by the above companies. The survey then asked 2,000 participants to rank the parameters according to their importance.

Work meetings take up time, and it's often wasted time. But there are also efficient meetings, that give a sense of purpose and a drive for change. I assume many of you are among those whose experience with meetings is that they're a waste of time. You leave every meeting frustrated, and have learned to stay quiet to make the meeting go faster.

I once met with a CEO of a big organization we very much wanted to work with. From the beginning I looked at him with an encouraging smile. He answered in the same optimistic spirit. We grabbed a cup of coffee and settled in the meeting room, opening with some small talk. He mentioned he likes to listen to a certain radio program, of which I am also a frequent listener, and shared his opinions of it, with which I agreed.

If you have a convenience store at a gas station, you need to stock a number of essential items customers might suddenly need, or buy impulsively when they stop to fill up. Nobody does their weekly grocery shop at a gas station.

Nava Klein, PhD.

I have a Bachelor in chemistry from Ben Gurion University, and a Masters and Doctorate in applied chemistry from the Hebrew University. 

I have 27 years experience working at HP Indigo, and 20 years as a manager in a digital field, including managing a R&D department developing degradable materials and products. 

Between 2014-2018 I was CO of HR and part of the management team at my company. Since 2018 I've been the head of the quality, operational excellence and lean production department. 

I specialize in building end-to-end quality strategies, and connecting them to an organization's business results, managing processes throughout entire organizations, and leading transitions from development to production, leading investigation and brainstorming teams as part of developing a culture of excellence, and creating a learning organization.  I also work with improvement teams and developing excellence processes. 

I have proven abilities working with management and translating strategy to improvement processes alongside leading and guiding teams.

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