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written by: Ze'ev Ronen /

Will Hanan Freidman revolutionize customer service in Israel?

The CEO of Leumi Bank, Mr. Hanan Freidman, has recently made a public announcement which revolutionizes the service the bank provides to its customers. Hanan committed to personally make sure that all customers’ requests are resolved within 24 hours and if not, customers are encouraged to communicate with him on his private WhatsApp. This, among other actions the bank is implementing, will overturn the way customer service has been practiced in Israel for decades.

written by: Ze'ev Ronen /

The best way to manage employees during wartime

This article focuses on the principles of managing employees during wartime.

written by: Ze'ev Ronen /

How to run a business during wartime?

This article was written during wartime. Life continues and businesses continue to operate. I have recently been asked many important questions regarding the correct way to operate a business in the face of the current difficulties and obstacles.

written by: Ze'ev Ronen /

How does courtesy contribute to business?

Dan was rushing to a meeting. He could not find parking space in the car park of the tower building. Suddenly he spotted a free parking slot. He accelerated towards the slot only to realize that a female driver was maneuvering her car into that slot. She drove backwards and forwards trying to steer her way between the lines. That was all Dan needed. He quickly pushed in front and parked his car, leaving the lady driver bewildered.

written by: Ze'ev Ronen /

Clever marketing VS wise consumers: How does packaging affect consumers?

A few days ago, at one of my late-night stops at a gas station, I felt like eating a popsicle. Unable to decide which brand to choose, I bought one of each. At that point I noticed that although wrapped in similar size wrappings, one popsicle weighed more than the other. MAGNUM weighed 85 grams while Milka weighed only 69 grams. The Milka popsicle is more expensive. Yes, it costs more though it is substantially smaller.

written by: Ze'ev Ronen /

How to create winning teams?

A management board of a retail chain outlets decided to set a prize-winning competition between the outlets. The competition aimed at providing an incentive to increase sales. The prize was a medal for the winning team and an invitation for two to a fancy dinner for the team members.

written by: Ze'ev Ronen /

For and Against Pay Transparency in Businesses

Does everyone know what other people earn in your company? If the answer is “yes”, is it official information or is it spread by word of mouth? What effect does knowing what other people earn have on gender pay? How does it affect employee’s motivation?

written by: Ze'ev Ronen /

Is the CEO connected to the shop floor?

A few days ago, I went shopping at a D.I.Y store Upon entering, I was directed to the department I was looking for, but no staff member was present. It took me a few minutes to locate someone who was able to tell me the name of the employee responsible and a few more minutes to find the employee who answered my questions about the product I wanted to buy.

written by: Ze'ev Ronen /

How to generate commitment to perform

This article is about the challenges managers face when trying to implement decisions and assignments reached during these meetings.

written by: Ze'ev Ronen /

Extraordinary Management Decisions of CEOs

Today I present five CEO’s excellent decisions that led them to great achievements. Some of those decisions were taken at a moment of crisis and turned things around. Others were taken by intuition and led the way to success. Making these decisions required courage and determination.

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