Shamir Optical Industry - Dan Katzman, VP R&D

Shamir Optical Industry - Dan Katzman, VP R&D


To: The Export Institute

Reference: My Impressions from working with Mr. Zeev Ronen

From 1989 to 1994, Zeev served as CEO of Shamir Optical, where I have served as Vice President of R&D since then and up to now.

With his entry into the position, Zeev brought about an essential change in the company's business and operative approach.

In the operative area, he built an organic structure that could both contain and enable control of the production systems and production volumes that were required for increasing sales. He changed the operative approach from a centralistic view that prevented personal development among good minds, to an approach of allocating responsibilities that brought about developments both in the personal realm and in the company's ability to fulfill production objectives and supply dates as well.

In the business area, and despite hesitant opposing pressure, he decided to establish a branch of the company in the USA. This branch operated with Zeev's full backup and support; it advanced company sales in the USA and increased them by hundreds of percentages within only a few years. Zeev accurately analyzed the relative advantages of a company developing molds for multifocal optical lenses and established a strategy for marketing mold design and production services for other companies in the optical industry. In doing this, he created a unique business model for Shamir Optical, via which the company has attained international status and maintains it as a leader in the field.

I feel sure that everywhere he directs himself, Zeev will bring a new, creative manner of thinking with him, and will act in full cooperation with any team fortunate enough to work with him.


Dan Katzman, VP R&D Shamir Optical Industry


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